3D models are virtual, digital representations of the product, and once created, can be modified to match other products that have minor differences, resulting in cost savings. In addition to product catalog images, existing models can also be combined in group scenes, used for print and digital advertising, large format exhibit graphics, animation tours and 360 rotations. The model can be rendered from any angle, or extreme closeup. “Open and closed,””cutaway,” and “see-through” images are also possible. And the 3D product image can be retouched into existing photography or illustrations. We have over six years experience producing 3D product images for companies like Toshiba and Bosch. Below are some 3D images created for clients.
This 3D model was created without CAD by observation of the actual stent. Our client Endologix, wanted to be able to pose their stent into fluoroscopic images of patient anatomy.
We created 3D models and images of all of Toshiba's laptops, tablets and TV's, replacing the product photography they had used in the past.
This series of illustrations for eV3 shows the steps involved when the aneurysm has a wide neck. To prevent the coils from spilling out into the neighboring blood vessel, an inflated micro balloon blocks the neck opening while the coiled knot is created. CAD files were not available, so the models were created based on photos and specs.
One of a number of models we created from Bosch Power Tool's engineering files.
A still image from an animation we created for the manufacturer of a variable load bearing prosthetic foot. It was animated to show it flexing, to simulate walking with different weight bearing loads.
3D product image of a Toshiba Video Camera. In the image below, the model was placed into a photograph of an empty hand.
This medical device allows multiple bypass operations without the need of stopping the heart, or using a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. This is a still from a video created with the 3D model animated and inserted into 2D artwork.