Animation showing how an S-ICD (subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillator) is implanted in a step by step format.
Animation featuring a new type of heart monitor that is smaller, more comfortable, water resistant, and best of all, captures and records a better cardiac wave signal. This animation was created for patients and doctors, and shows the benefits and application procedure.
This animation for a variable load bearing prosthetic foot was achieved using a 3D model and flexing it 
to simulate walking with different loads.
This device enables multiple bypass procedures without having to stop the heart and use a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. The surgeon can punch holes in the aorta without loss of blood. The client wanted a "surgeon's view" animation with the heart visibly beating throughout. Flash animation was used, and stills were pulled and enlarged for use in printed materials. Flash is a 2D application, but innovative techniques were used in the animation to make it appear to be 3D.
Allergan asked to use one of my geometric designs as a logo for their Eye Care Innovation Summit. I created  20 seconds of "eye candy video" leading up to the display of the new logo. I used Modo for the modeling and animation and After Effects for compositing the video clip.