Paul Petersen

We help medical device makers depict their products in the working environments for which they were made. Our focus is to make the medical device the hero of each illustration or animation. The anatomy plays a supporting role to help explain the device’s purpose, use and deployment. We want to tell the device’s story in a setting that is easily recognized and understood. To that end we will simplify, stylize, or add specific detail to the anatomical settings that serve as the stage where that story is told.

We also specialize in 3D Product Visualization  from client CAD or engineering files, as well as step by step procedure animations to show device method of action or implantation.

Device-Anatomy is led by Paul Petersen. He has over 20 years experience as a medical illustrator and product visualizer. As a former advertising art director turned illustrator, he has unique insight into the needs and concerns of our clients. His areas of experience include vascular interventions with such clients as Guidant, Medtronic, Bard, and eV3; cardiac systems with clients like Edwards Scientific, Boston Scientific, and Biosense Webster; ocular and cosmetic healthcare with a variety of products by Allergan, and 3D product visualization for Toshiba.

Our studio is located in Drums, Pennsylvania, which is two hours from New York City and just a click or call from everywhere else. Call us at 570-788-3679, or write to

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